Here at Aqua Bliss, we have a vast selection of fragrances for our Candles, Melts and Diffusers to suit everyone's taste. Below is a list of our current fragrances with a short description of their characteristics.

Bamboo & White Lily

graceful fragrance, with a floral tone that compliments the woody scent of bamboo. An appealing blend that works perfectly in any situation.

Berry Cheesecake

One of our best sellers, and our personal favourite! A simple fresh mixture highlighting the taste of berries with a creamy texture - Fabulous! 

Caramel Sundae

Another one of our best sellers! A strong caramel fragrance throwing a sweet scent that reminds you of the perfect Caramel Sundae - our customers often ask if we supply the spoon! 

Champagne & Strawberries

The scent of summer, this fragrance is like sipping on a flute of champagne with the beautiful kisses of strawberries - heaven!

Chanel No.5

The perfume scent in a candle - pure elegance! 

English Garden

Elegantly walking through a blossoming English countryside garden, relaxing and calming while being intoxicated by the lovely sweet smells. 

Espresso Yourself

For all the coffee lovers out there, a pure scent of coffee for you house to indulge in!

Lavender Fields

Imagine you are strolling through a field of lavender, running your hands through the beautiful purple flowers and smelling the wonderful aroma of lavender – I feel relaxed already……….. 

Lemon Ginger Splice

The refreshing scent of lemon with a kick of ginger gives this a relaxing vibe to your area. If you like Lemon Ginger herbal tea this is for you!

Lime & Coconut

An all time favourite, with a fresh and vibrant fusion of limes and creamy coconut that leaves you feeling relaxed!

Old Bar Beach

A personal favourite of locals, and to remind others of our beautiful seaside town. Made from our secret mild fruity blend reminiscent of warm summer days!


Many customers asked us for the fragrant woody scent of Sandalwood, well here it is plus a hint of brush herbs & fruit.

Summer Crush

A tropical smoothie of summer fruits for a sweet fragrant punch! 

Tahitian Vanilla

Sweet-scented vanilla with a base of coconut and malt, for a smooth rounded vanilla scent.


Designed for relaxation, a mild & calming scent that cleanses to create a Zen atmosphere............... 

Unicorn Kisses

If unicorns ate musk sticks and sweets, this is what their kisses would taste like - well according to our daughters who labelled this scent!

Vanilla Cupcake

For anyone who wants the sweet aroma of a fresh vanilla cupcake - what more can we say.....YUM!