Square Chopping Board - Flower Design

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** SECONDS **This has a small flower design burnt into the corner, but the board was knocked slightly during the process which has given the design a slight imperfection as all the lines do not quite match up. ** SECONDS **

We laser burn the design into this square chopping board made from acacia, measuring approximately 40cm tall x 26cm wide.

All this is done in house by our family at Aqua Bliss, from designing and programming to running the laser machine from our premises!

Every board is different and the design uniquely burns differently to each board to create a unique piece of artwork that makes a great ornament in the kitchen or home, a centre piece for a gathering or a great gift for someone special!  

We design, laser burn & engrave boards in standard styles or customised to suit your requirements for every occasion.

If you need something special, please contact us for more information.